Recommended Core Reports

Core reports are recommended for monthly use by departments. You can click on any report name below to go to the description of that report. Additionally, we recommend that departments run all three of the recommended summary reports the first time and then decide which one (or two) to use on a monthly basis. For a description of all the reports in BAIRS, see the BAIRS Report List.

Recommended reports fall into three categories:

  1. Monthly Summary Reports for Resource Management
  2. Monthly Reports to Verify/Reconcile External Activity
  3. Monthly Reports for "Customers" (such as PIs, Directors, etc.)

Monthly Summary Reports for Resource Management

We recommend you choose one and use it consistently.

  1. GL Sum by Five ChartFields

    View information about this report.

  2. GL Sum by Account L4 BUDSUM

  3. This report includes the BUDSUM or rollup accounts, thus distinguishing balances by Academic Salaries, Staff Salaries, Computer Equipment, Domestic Travel, etc. within combinations of Dept ID-Fund-ChartField1-ChartField2-Prog.

    View information about this report.

  4. GL Sum by Account

    This report provides more detailed account information than GL_Sum_by_Account_L4_BUDSUM but less of the full chartstring. The report summarizes balances by BFS account (i.e. lab supplies vs. general supplies) with subtotals by the BUDSUM or rollup accounts. But the report summarizes these balances by only one or two chartfields rather than the five used in the Actuals to Tempbudg report. So, you can get total expenses by account for each fund, each Dept ID, each Dept ID-Fund, each ChartField1, each ChartField2, or for all parameters. That last option means it's a summary by account of ALL the data you requested in your parameters.

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Note: We recommend that you use a summary report to manage your resources and use detail reports, such as the Detail_Standard or Detail_Expanded reports or the Encumbrance and Pre-Encumbrance reports, to investigate anomalies you see on your summary reports.

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Monthly Reports to Verify/Reconcile External Activity

  1. GL Detail Transaction Verification

    Designed to help departments verify or "reconcile" the transactions affecting their orgs which orginated OUTSIDE of their processing unit. Departments are strongly encouraged to use this report for a monthly review of transactions (rather than the Standard or Expanded Detail) as the majority of transactions in the department have already been prepared, reviewed and in some cases approved by departmental staff. This report includes only those transactions which did not go through this process.

    Please note that you can specify different levels of the organizational tree for use in determining a transaction's status as one that should be verified (should appear on the report). The default value is to show transactions which originate outside the L4 Department, but it can be changed if you work in a subunit of a department and want all transactions which originate outside of your L5 or L6 unit to be considered "exceptions" for verification.

    View information about this report.

  2. Payroll Exception Report

    Departments are strongly encouraged to run this report on a monthly basis to identify Payroll transactions which have not posted properly. Departments should not attempt the corrections themselves, but rather contact Payroll ( and provide the correct chartstring information to them.

    View information about this report.

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Monthly Reports for "Customers"

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