Customer Report

The Customer Report was designed to provide a monthly statement to Principal Investigators, Directors, Program Managers, etc. of the balances and transactions in their grants, programs or other activities.

There are several things which are unique about the Customer Report because of the audience for which it was designed, including:

Payroll Detail

Unlike the Standard or Expanded Detail Reports, the Customer Report displays payroll transactions by employee. Therefore, only users who have been authorized to view this level of detail will be able to subscribe to and run the Customer Report. (If you need to update your BAIRS access, submit a request.)

A Summary Section and a Detail Section

The summary section of the Customer Report was designed to provide a quick understanding of balance and recent activity. The detail section was designed to complement the summary section, providing the transactions which make up the recent activity.

The summary sections are available in 3 versions: 9 columns, 7 columns and 6 columns. View a key to the 9 column summary section which explains what each of the columns represents.

The 7 column summary does not have the Prior Budget or Current Activity (for budget) columns. The 6 column also does not have the Prior Actuals column. Different customer groups wanted to see different levels of information on the summary section, and we encourage departments to come to consensus and use one consistently.

Probably the most important thing to understand about the columns is that "current activity" corresponds to the month(s) selected when the report was run. This was designed to be a monthly report, so customers could tie one month's report to the next: July's "Total Actuals" would be August's "Prior Actuals," for example.

There is NO difference in the detail sections between the 9 column, 7 column or 6 column version. The only difference in the versions is the summary section.

The detail section does NOT contain balances – it only displays the transactions for the "current" period (as defined by the month(s) selected when the report was run). For balances, use the summary section.

To switch between the summary and detail sections, use the blue back arrow Blue back arrowin the upper right corner to return to the Sort Selection dashboard. You do not need to run the report again.

See a sample Customer Report Summary section.

See a sample Customer Report Detail section.

Account Categories

BFS accounts are more summarized on the Customer Report than other BAIRS reports. Categories important for grant management are kept distinct (such as Domestic Travel, Foreign Travel, Equipment, etc.), but other account categories are grouped together into "Supplies and Expenses". See a list of which standard BUDSUM accounts are grouped into which categories for the Customer Report.

"Department Description"

AP/PO users can enter a short description for a transaction which will appear on the Customer Report alongside the vendor name. This allows the customer to identify that a travel reimbursement was for a particular conference or field trip, or to distinguish one Fisher Scientific purchase ("staining jars") from another ("lab coat and conical tubes").