Setting Up the Berkeley Reporting Portal Personal Page

In the portal, you can build a Personal Page which contains the reports and queries you use so they are readily accessible to you. You can also add other content, such as links to websites you frequently visit.

You can add content (i.e. reports) to your Personal Page as either Bookmarks or Favorites. We recommend that you make individual reports Bookmarks and use Favorites for report folders.

Setting Up Your Personal Page

  1. From the Explore section of the portal, go to Favorites > Manage Personal Pages.

    Manage personal pages

  2. Click the Add New Personal Page icon.

    Add new personal page

  3. Select Copy Published Personal Page, then click Next.

    Copy published personal page

  4. Select BRP Personal Page, then click Finish.

    Select personal page

  5. Click the X to close the My Personal Pages screen.

    Close personal pages screen

  6. From Explore, go to File > Preferences


  7. Click on the dropdown menu under Content and select Favorite.

    Select favorite

  8. Click on the dropdown menu under Favorite and select BRP Personal Page. Then click OK.

    Select favorite

  9. Go to Manage Favorites.

    Manage favorites

  10. Uncheck Show for My Personal Page, then click OK. You should now see only BRP Personal Page listed.

    Uncheck show

  11. Go to Favorites > BRP Personal Page. This will open the Berkeley Reporting Portal Personal Page.