BAIRS System Requirements

The Berkeley Reporting Portal is the gateway to BAIRS reports and BIS queries, as well as to Human Resources (HR) BAIRS reports. The portal uses software from Oracle Hyperion®.

Beginning June 1, 2015 you will no longer be able to access BAIRS directly via Internet Explorer (IE); or to use the BAIRS Remote Application ("rdp") Desktop icon, or the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to access BAIRS.

Beginning June 1, you will only be able to access the BAIRS reporting portal using the BAIRS 11 version via Citrix. Please go to to launch BAIRS.

The Hyperion workspace has two primary sections:

  1. your Personal Page (where you organize reports you use frequently for easy access). Learn more about how to set up a Personal Page.
  2. Explore (where you will find all the reports to which you have access).

For detailed information about how to connect to the Berkeley Reporting Portal and configure your computer, see the BAIRS User Productivity Kit or BAIRS Basic Manual.