Add, Inactivate, or Change:
Fund Number

Contracts and Grants

For changes affecting funds which are established centrally by Contracts and Grants Accounting, please contact that office (

Gifts and Endowments

For changes affecting Gift and Endowment funds, please contact UDAR's Fund Management team (

Plant Funds

For changes affecting plant funds, complete the Plant Fund Number Update form and route to Plant Accounting. Download the form from the General Accounting web site.

Agency Funds

To request a new agency fund, or to modify or inactivate an existing agency fund, please contact General Accounting at

Revenue-generating or Recharge Funds

For changes affecting revenue-generating or recharge funds, complete the Revenue or Recharge Fund Number Update Form. Requests must be approved first by the Control Unit and then by the Campus Budget Office ( View a list of the Control Unit approvers.

Revenue or Recharge Form Guidelines

A department's need for a new revenue or recharge fund is usually associated with a new revenue-generating activity: selling services or materials to non-UC customers (generating revenue) or to UC customers (generating recharge "revenue"). The basic requirement for granting a new revenue or recharge fund is that the revenue-generating activity is an on-going activity (more than one year) and the annual revenue must be at least $50,000.

If the activity is a one-time only event or will generate less than $50,000 revenue a year, you may be able to use one of your existing funds or one of the established campus generic revenue funds. Learn more about your alternatives.

More information about the reappropriation process is available. You may also contact the Budget Office at if you need more assistance.

If the activity is a recharge activity, you must obtain the Recharge Committee's approval before requesting a fund. Learn more about the campus recharge policies and the Recharge Committee.

To use this form for funds in Student Tuition & Fees, Sales & Services of Educational Activities, Sales & Services of Auxiliary/Service Enterprises, Reserves and Other Sources, please provide as much information as you can, such as purpose, estimated annual amounts, etc.

Once the reviewing/approving process is complete, you will be notified of the result.

Download the Revenue or Recharge Fund Number Request Form

View the Revenue or Recharge Fund Number Form Instructions

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