Interlocation Transfer of Funds Using Form UFIN 1520-I

For non-Contract/Grant funds, budgetary transfers of resources between UC campuses (or locations) are processed on an Interlocation Transfer of Funds form (UFIN 1520-I).

Note: UFIN 1520-I is used for transfers of resources, not expense. Transfers of expense (also called cost transfers) are processed in BFS as Intercampus Financial Transactions. Instructions for processing Intercampus Financial Transactions are available from the Financial Accounting and Controls website.

Use Form UFIN 1520-I for the following types of budget transfers:


Although the form can be filled out electronically, a paper copy of the completed UFIN1520-I must be printed and routed to Financial Accounting and Controls with the appropriate signatures (i.e., department and control unit approvals). Multiple copies are not necessary. Please refer to the instructions document for complete details.