eProcurement (for ePro Departments only)

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Description UPK Quick Guide Job Aid
Helpful Tips      
Tips for Shoppers and Requisition Creators    
ePro Shopper    
Shoppers BearBuy Shopping from Hosted Suppliers    
Shop from Punch-Out Suppliers    
Assign a Requisition Creator    
Comparison Shopping  
Category Codes and Expense Account Codes      
Category Codes and Expense Account Training Guide  
How to Decide the Appropriate Category Codes to Use    
Category Codes and Expense Account Codes    
Category Code Description Abbreviations    
Requisition Creator: Create Requisitions for Items or Services not in BearBuy    
Prepare (Non-Catalog) Special Request Requisition  
Prepare ePro Entertainment Requisition  
Prepare Inspection Required Requisition  
Prepare an Equipment Requisition  
Prepare a Requisition and Add a 2nd Level Approver  
Prepare a University Master Agreement Requisition  
Copy a Non-Catalog Requisition  
Requisition Creator: Shopping from BearBuy    
Prepare a Requisition Shopping from Hosted Supplier in BearBuy  
Prepare a Requisition Shopping from a Punch-Out Supplier in BearBuy  
Comparison Shopping  
Add a Favorite in BearBuy  
Copy BearBuy Cart  
Requisition Creator: Find Assigned BearBuy Cart and Return to BFS    
Retrieve an Assigned Shopping Cart to BFS  
Assign a Substitute Requisition Creator  
End Substitute Requisition Creator  
Approvers: Approve/Deny ePro Requisitions    
First Level Approver  
Additional Approver (2nd Level)  
Deny a Requisition  
Review Requisition Information    
Find eProcurement Requisition (Detail Inquiry)  
Edit / Cancel / Delete a Requisition & BearBuy Cart    
Cancel an ePro Requisition (Non-Catalog)  
Delete Items from a Cart  
Delete Cart  
Procurement Roles      
Procurement Roles    
Procurement Process and Roles    
Procurement Roles Analysis