Purchase Orders

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Description UPK UPK Definition Quick Guide Quick Guide Definition Job Aid  Job Aid Definition eManual  eManual Definition
Description UPK Quick Guide Job Aid eManual
Print Purchase Orders      
Print a Purchase Order    
Change Purchase Orders      
PO Change Order Manual    
Review PO Activity Summary    
PO Change Order Sections Overview    
PO Change Order Icons and Hot Keys    
PO Change Order Preparer's Road Map    
Print or Email PO Change Order    
Look Up Existing Vouchers for a PO    
Change PO Amount without Vouchers    
Change PO Amount with Vouchers    
Change PO Quantity without Vouchers    
Change PO Quantity with Vouchers    
Change PO Chartstring/Distribution without Vouchers    
Change PO Chartstring/Distribution with Vouchers    
Change PO Lines to Amount Only without Vouchers    
Change PO Lines to Amount Only with Vouchers    
Add a Line to a PO    
Correct PO Sales/Use Tax    
Change PO Vendor Address    
Cancel a Line from a PO    
Cancel PO    
Approve PO Change Orders    
Deny PO Change Orders    
Eliminate Resourced Requisition Pre-encumbrance    
Customize the Distribution Chartstring      
Customize the Distribution Chartstring      

Training Materials below are for BFS v8.8

Description Quick Guide 
Review PO Activity Summary
Find a PO by Preparer
Review Comments on a Denied PO
Find a PurchaseOrder (Detail Inquiry)
Print an Unofficial PO (from Preparer's Page)
Print a PO "Report" (from Review PO Information)

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