Buy-to-Pay Process Flow Diagram

Buy-to-Pay Process flow diagram

This process flow diagram describes major steps in the BFS Buy-to-Pay cycle and delineates the responsible parties for these actions.

The process starts when a department issues a requisition, which is approved via workflow. Once approved, the requisition is sourced to a purchase order (PO), which is then dispatched to the vendor.

The vendor sends goods or provides services to the department. At the same time, the vendor sends the invoice to the Campus Disbursements Office.

Disbursements issues a voucher, which is matched against the PO, and approved via workflow before being paid. Disbursements also issues direct vouchers based on requests from departments for certain types of goods and services. Because direct vouchers do not have associated purchase orders, they cannot be matched. Direct vouchers are also approved via workflow by departments before being paid.

Once the workflow approval is successful, the vendor is issued an electronic payment or paper check, thus concluding the Buy-to-Pay cycle.