Implementation of PO Voucher Approval and Elimination of Mandatory Online Receiving

On December 13, 2010, we will implement a major change to BFS, eliminating mandatory online receiving and requiring PO voucher approval via the worklist. This change is intended to give increased control of the buy-to-pay business process to campus BFS users and streamline workflow by eliminating many match exceptions.

Users who currently have access to approve direct vouchers in BFS will be able to approve PO vouchers; no action is necessary for this expanded role. To add or remove access to approve vouchers (PO and direct vouchers), submit a request through SARA; the role in SARA is "AP Voucher Approver".

Existing PO vouchers with match exceptions other than a lack of receiving or inspection, AND existing PO vouchers of $200 or more will appear on AP Voucher Approvers' worklists on December 13. Payment of PO and direct vouchers will require departmental approval via the worklist. Vouchers with match exceptions will not be available for approval until the match exception is resolved.

Online receiving and inspection in BFS will continue to be available, but is no longer mandatory. The absence of online receipt or inspection will not stop approved PO vouchers from being paid, and receiving and inspection match exceptions will no longer appear on the AP Match Exception Report.

In a one-time process on December 13, all existing PO vouchers with a total gross amount of less than $200 with match exceptions due only to a lack of online receiving or inspection will be automatically approved for payment following vendor terms. We are taking this action to relieve departments from the workload required to pay small dollar transactions, facilitate payment to vendors, and to limit the negative impact on worklist system performance for voucher approval.

We will send a list of the vouchers paid in this one-time process to department managers no later than December 17. Departments should review the list to determine if any corrections are necessary.