BFS Keyboard Shortcuts

Notice that some of the keyboard shortcuts perform different functions, depending on the type of page you are on, such as a search page or a transaction page.

ALT+1 Saves a page in a transaction.

On a search or lookup page, moves to the Search or Add button.

On a secondary page, moves to the OK button.

ALT+2 Returns to the search page from the transaction page.
ALT+3 View the next row in the list when the button is active.
ALT+4 View the previous row the in list when the button is active.
ALT+5 Accesses the Look Up page.

Opens the calendar prompt.

ALT+6 Opens the pop-up window on a page.
ALT+7 Inserts one or more rows in a grid or scroll area.
ALT+8 Deletes a row in a grid or scroll area.
ALT+0 When in Expert Entry mode, activates the Refresh button, which validates the data entered on the page.
ALT+ . View the next set of rows in a grid or scroll area.
ALT+ , View a previous set of rows in a grid or scroll area.
ALT+ / Finds data in a grid or scroll area.
ALT+ ‘ View all rows of data in a grid, scroll area, or search page results list.
ALT+ \ On a search page, toggles between Add a New Value and Find an Existing Value.
CTRL+ J Displays the system information page.
CTRL+ K On a search or transaction page, accesses a page with a list of keyboard navigation shortcuts using hot keys and access keys.
CTRL+ Y Toggles the menu pagelet between collapse and expand.
CTRL+ TAB Toggles the focus through the frame set.
ENTER Activates the OK button, where appropriate.

On a search page, activates the Search button.

On a lookup page, activates the Look Up button.

ESC Activates the Cancel button, where appropriate.
ALT 9 Takes you to the Help Line.
ALT \- Takes you to the Toolbar [e.g., Alt backslash Enter].
CTRL Z Takes you to the Search box of the Menu.