Request System Access

You must complete a Systems Access Request Application (SARA) form to access BFS, BAIRS, BearBuy, Berkeley Information Systems data warehouse (BIS), Student Awards (DSAS), Campus Accounts Receivable (CARS), Campus Deposit System (CDS), Payroll (PPS), Travel & Entertainment, and Business to Business (UC Buyer roles).

In order to use SARA, you must have an employee id as well as a CalNet ID and passphrase. To obtain a CalNet ID or update your existing CalNet record, go to the CalNet Identity and Access Management website.

New Employees

If you are a new employee, we recommend you complete the SARA form(s) with your manager, so that you understand what roles and responsibilities you will have in these systems. SARA is not able to recognize affiliate IDs at this time. Affiliates or their managers should contact the system security administrators for instructions.

Turnaround Time

After the form(s) have reached the central security administrators, you should receive confirmation of your access in 4-5 business days. The 4-5 business day turnaround dates from receipt by the security administration unit and does not include any additional review by the Control Unit or Budget Office that may be required depending on the requested access.


Training is strongly recommended for all applications and roles. See the Enrollment Guide for how to register for classes in the UC Learning Center.

Training is REQUIRED for access to the Temporary Budget, Permanent Budget, Position Resource Tracking (PRT) roles in BFS, BearBuy Change Order Preparer, and for DSAS and Travel system users.

For access to the Temporary Budget, Permanent Budget, Position Resource Tracking, or BearBuy Change Orders, you must self train by completing the User Productivity Kits (UPKs) listed in the table below. Your manager should be prepared to confirm that you have completed the required UPK training before access will be granted to you.

Role Required UPK Training
Temporary Budget Preparer or Approver Temporary Budgets
Permanent Budget Preparer, PRT, or SPA Permanent Budget and Position Resource Tracking
BearBuy Change Order Preparer PO Change Order Preparer

For more information on BFS Security, please visit the Controller's Office BFS Security web page.

If you have any further questions, please contact BFS Security at 642-2354 or


Users who have terminated employee with the University will automatically be removed from BFS. Users with BFS or BearBuy access who have not logged in to either system for over 12 months will have their BFS and BearBuy access removed. Active UC Berkeley employees may reapply for access via SARA if the need arises.