Quick Reference GuideBFS Job Aids and Quick Reference Guides

Job Aids present material to help you perform a system action. Quick Reference Guides are concise, task-specific descriptions designed for expert users. For in-depth information, refer to the User Productivity Kits or manuals.

for BFSv9.2

for BFSv9

Basic Navigation in BFS (Berkeley Financial System)

Purchasing and Accounts Payable (AP/PO)

Journal Entry: General Ledger and Budget


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Customize the Distribution Chartstring


Vouchers and Accounts Payable

Voucher Processing Overview


View Image Documents

Use the View Image Toolbar

Exit the Imagine System

Match Exceptions

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Procurement Cards (bluCard)

See the Card Program website for the following Job Aids:

For more Procurement Card information, see the Announcements regarding Procurement Cards/bluCard.

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Category Codes and Expense Account Codes

Requisition Creator: Create Requisitions for Items or Services not in BearBuy

Requisition Creator: Shopping from BearBuy

Requisition Creator: Find Assigned BearBuy Cart and Return to BFS

Approvers: Approve/Deny ePro Requisitions

Review Requisition Information

Edit / Cancel / Delete a Requisition & BearBuy Cart

Procurement Roles

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Financial Journals

Journal Source Codes and Class Values

Prepare Financial Journals

Copy a Financial Journal

Upload a Financial Journal from Excel

Update Financial Journals

Delete a Financial Journal

Approve or Deny Financial Journals

Print a Financial Journal

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Temporary Budget

Journal Source Codes

Prepare Temporary Budget Journals

Upload Temporary Budget Journals

Approve or Deny Temporary Budget Journals

Print Temporary Budget Journals

Update Temporary Budget Journals

Copy Temporary Budget Journals

Delete Temporary Budget Journals

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Permanent Budget & PRT

Journal Source Codes

Request PRT Action

Link/Unlink an Incumbent to a Position

Position Maintenance

SPA Work

PRT Inquiry

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Chart of Accounts

Inquire on Master Org Tree

COA Inactivation Report Overview

Customize the Distribution Chartstring

COA Validation Application






Dept ID

Org Node

Profile Management



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for BFSv8.8 (Inquiry Only)

Purchase Orders



View Imaged Documents

Financial Journals

Temporary Budget Journals

ChartField Maintenance

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