BFS Training

BFS 9.2 Training Videos

Please visit the Controller's Office YouTube channel for training videos related to BFS 9.2. Videos are organized among the following playlists:

User Productivity KitsUser Productivity Kits

A UPK is a comprehensive, interactive online player that helps you understand and use a system. You can:

  • Watch animations that demonstrate how to use the system
  • Practice a task in a simulated environment
  • Be guided through a task in a live environment
  • Take a self-test to assess your knowledge of a task

View UPK system requirements

View how to use a UPK

BFSv9 UPKs Other UPKs


An eManual is an online, static (non-interactive) excerpt from a UPK that describes a specific aspect of a system, accompanied by screen images of pertinent system information.

ManualJob Aids/Quick Reference Guides

A Job Aid is supplementary material support for specific activities that may not covered in a UPK or Quick Reference Guide.

A Quick Reference Guide is a concise, step-by-step transaction process without screen shots; it is printed output of the UPK player topic; the UPK and Quick Guide processes are identical.

eCourseeCourses from UC Learning Center

An eCourse is an online course offered through the UC Learning Center.

  • Introduction to Chart of Accounts

    For new users of the Berkeley Financial System (BFS) or the Berkeley Administrative Initiative Reporting System (BAIRS).

  • Deficit Resolution Policy

    Learn to identify and clear deficits, as required under the campus Deficit Policy.

  • PO Voucher Approval

    An overview of a change to BFS eliminating mandatory online receiving and requiring PO voucher approval via the worklist.