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Service Unit E-mail Phone Web
Desktop Support

Mon-Fri 8 AM to 5 PM

Help with hardware, software, bConnected, CalMail, CalTime, and Information Security


Option 1, 1, 1
for general desktop support

Option 1, 1, 2
for CalTime

Option 1, 1, 3
for Campus Information Security and Policy Dept

BFS/BAIRS, BearBuy, CalAnswers, CalPlanning & Purchasing Customer Service

Mon-Fri 8 AM to 5 PM

Purchasing support:
(or contact your buyer)

For vendor questions:



Option 1, 2
for business applications including BearBuy, BFS/BAIRS, CalAnswers, and CalPlanning support
for BearBuy/Purchase requisitions & purchase orders
for CalAnswers
for CalPlanning

Information Systems & Technology (IST) Service Help Desk

First-level support for the campus network infrastructure, and telecom technical assistance


Option 1, 3, 1
for consultation on voice and data products and services to include the Telecom Catalog, Shopping Cart and voicemail resets

Option 1, 3, 2
to report a problem with a telephone or data network service to include AirBears and/or wifi

Option 1, 3, 3
for wireless cellular phone support

Option 1, 3, 4
for billing
Disbursements Customer Service & Banking Processing

Invoice processing and reimbursements, travel & entertainment policy and procedures, Central Travel System, moving and relocation payments, travel advances, Stop payments, check cancellations, wire transfers, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), and the US Bank VISA Travel Card 510-643-2199
Card Program Services

bluCard, Event Planner Card, and Travel Study Card 415-476-2126