Recharge Unit Contact Information

The table below provides contact and identifying information for major systems which feed journals into the general ledger. You can use the Journal Source Code in the table below to identify journals from these recharge units, because the source code becomes the beginning of the journal id (displayed as Doc_Id on the Standard Detail Report).

If you have questions about a journal from one of these units or need to update your billing information for recurring charges, please contact the person indicated in the Unit Contact column. If you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact the Unit Dean, Director or Manager.

If you work in one of the units listed below and would like to update the information displayed, please e-mail BFS/BAIRS User Support at

Additional recharge information is available on the Campus Budget Office website.

Recharge Interface Dept. or Process Journal Source Unit Contact Contact Phone Contact E-mail Unit Dean / Director
Chemistry CHM Brandi Anthony 2-1126 Suzanne Sutton
Facilities Srv-Capital Projects CP Shondell Moody 2-2680 Grace Crvarich
Campus Copy CPY Yura Tamano 594-7746 x380 Haron Abrahimi
Env Health &Safety EHS Allen Lazaroff 3-8468 Mark Freiberg
Fleet Services & Moving Svc FLS Kristi Mares 2-5374 Eric Anglim
Information Systems & Technology IST Terence Phuong 3-6256 Michael Mundrane
Lab Animal Care LAC Quig Driver 2-4598 Helen Diggs
Mail Services MLS Durwin Wong 3-6245 George Craig
Parking PK Catherine Gray 3-7869 Victor Noel Pinto Correia
Facilities Svc- Phys Plant Liens PPL Steve Baez 3-4203 Chris Christofferson
Facilities Svc- Phys Plant Recharge PPR Steve Baez 3-4203 Chris Christofferson
Printing PRT Niko Wilson 594-7746 x368 Haron Abrahimi
Space Sciences SSL Ralph Anderson 2-1520 Robert Lin
The Scholars Workstation TSW Tamila Williams 3-2761 Jerome Smith
UNEX UNX Carol Newman-Weaver 3-9427 Judah Rosenwald